Talbert families we are so pleased to have a scrip fundraising program here at our school.  If you are interested in raising money for Band/Orchestra, Choir, Washington DC trip, Key West Trip, Vancouver Trip, Drama, Cheer, PAL, ASB, STEAM, 8th Grade Promotion, etc. without spending extra money, now you can. 




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Overview of Talbert Online Scrip Ordering

To make scrip work best for you, it needs to be quick and easy to purchase. Thursday afternoons are convenient at times, but other times not so much. By acquainting yourself with the online purchase options, you will have a few additional avenues to obtain scrip when and where it’s convenient for you, and be able keep the rebates adding up for your student


Types of Scrip

There are hundreds of retailers available through Great Lakes Scrip. See a complete list online at You might be surprised at what is available — like Disney, Hyatt, Marriott, Carnival Cruises, Avis, Nike, Shutterfly, Pottery Barn, Amazon, Home Depot, Southwest, Lowes, Uber, as well as several regional retailers for your relatives in the Midwest!


Regular Gift Cards: Some of the more popular retailers are available on the order form we provide at school.  And there are so many more that we can write on for you.


Scrip Now: Several retailers (but not all) participate in the Scrip Now program. Scrip Now is delivered directly to your online scrip account for printing scrip certificates at home. With Scrip-Now purchased using Presto Pay (see below), you have the most immediate availability to scrip when YOU need it.  With presto pay, you can even use an app called myscripwallet and purchase, reload and pay right from your phone.


Reload Cards: Some retailer gift cards are reloadable from the comfort of your own home. Rather than using and throwing away all those little plastic cards, consider registering your reloadable cards, using Presto Pay to add funds to the card, and take care of the reloading online! No driving to the school and, no printing necessary.


Online Scrip Order Payment Options


Presto Pay: Connecting Great Lakes Scrip to a bank account is the easiest way to get scrip into your hands and the fastest way to accumulate scrip credit. With the Presto Pay option in place, all of the Scrip Now retailers are available for printing at home in a matter of minutes. If you are concerned about connecting Great Lakes Scrip to your bank account, you might consider using a secondary account and just keeping a minimal balance to cover your scrip purchases as you make them. (Please note: It takes a couple days to get Presto Pay fully activated and you must have cleared at least 2 checks to get approval from the coordinator.)


Check: Scrip orders need to be paid for in advance of being placed. If you choose to pay by check, your order will need to be placed and your check received by the Talbert Scrip Treasurers by 1:00 on Thursday, to be able to pick up your scrip by the following Thursday. However, Scrip Now and Reload orders that are paid by check, can be released to you  anytime during the week upon receipt of your check. Please make checks payable to Talbert PTA and mail them to: Talbert Scrip Program, c/o Sandi Woest 9101 Brabham Avenue, Huntington Beach, Ca 92646


Setting Up Your Online Account


If you have already purchased scrip, an account was likely set up on your behalf as part of the tracking system for scrip credits to the various groups at Talbert. When you are ready to begin ordering online, we will be happy to give you your user information for your existing account so you can login and customize your profile with your own username and password. Contact and we will work with you to get you connected as soon as possible!