Corporate Matching

One way you can double your contribution to Talbert is to take advantage of your employers matching program. Many companies will match the yearly employee donations to non-profit organizations. 


To ensure that funds are directed to the correct organization, please use the PTA's official name, non-profit tax id and contact information available in Question 7 of the FAQ section below.



1. What is corporate matching ?

Many companies match their employees' contributions to nonprofit organizations (US based 501(c)(3)). This could instantly double the money you donate to the organization.


2. Does corporate matching benefit my employer ?

Definitely. Corporations are happy to do corporate matching for 2 reasons. It gets them tax deductions. It also gives them an opportunity to be good corporate citizens.


3. Will corporate matching impact me negatively in any way ?

Absolutely not. Companies keep corporate matching data totally private. No one has access to this data. In most cases, companies outsource the entire process.


4. When should I apply for corporate matching ?

As soon as you make your donation. Some companies distribute corporate matching funds right away, while others process them once a quarter. Some companies have strict time constraints within which employees are required to submit corporate match applications. If your company offers corporate matching, please apply for it right away.


5. Does my employer have a corporate matching program ?

Check the list at the end of this document. If your employer is not listed there, call up the benefits/HR department of your employer, or look up the company intranet for details.


6. Is "Talbert Middle School PTA" the same as "Talbert Middle School"?

No, they are separate registered entities even though they work hand in hand. When you are submitting a request, please make sure you specify the one that you intend to receive your donation.


7. What if Talbert Middle School PTA (or school) isn't on my company's list?

Adding Talbert Middle School PTA (or school) to the list of organizations eligible for corporate match is usually a quick and easy process. You need the following information:


Legal Name: Talbert Middle School PTA

Common Name: Talbert Middle School PTA

Address: 9101 Brabham Drive, Huntington Beach, Ca 92646 

Talbert PTA EIN:  90-1509019

Talbert PTA FTB


Contact Name & Email: Please contact the current President.  In most cases, once you enter the information into the system, Talbert will be added very quickly. 


8. What is the process for corporate matching ?

Each company has a different process for employer match. First, verify that your company participates in a corporate matching program. If so, check to see if they use Giving Station or EasyMatch (the 2 most common sites). If they do not use either of these sites, check with your Benefits person to see what steps you need to follow. If your company requires hard copy paperwork, please complete it and send to the Talbert Middle School office Attn: PTA Treasurer at the address listed above.


9. I still have questions. Whom should I contact ?

Please send your questions/comments to PTA President.

See list of companies that participate in Corporate Matching Grants